Bespoke Shirt

Our collar stays UP –
Our “Pistagna” is cut quite tight, which allows a collar to always up and straight

We rotate the sleeve after attaching the front and back panels, rotating it a little bit.
Doing so, we ensure higher movement capacity.

The “Mouche” is a detail that is needed to have more closure between the two panels.
Ours has a triangle shape and is the same material used for the shirt.

The armhole in our sartorial shirts is hand-saw, an exquisite detail that gives character and enhances the sartorial carat of the shirt.

The shirts from the sartorial line have button-holes hand-made by fantastic ladies who, with expert hands, can produce such a precise job.

The last Buttonhole is always horizontal, and the reason why it is positioned like that is for safety.
A difference in the direction of the button holes can give more stability to the closure, keeping the shirt clean.